Chief Operations Officer

Firma: CV-Library
Job-Typ: Vollzeit
Gehalt: 125.000 KES/Jährlich

COO role based in Nairobi. in addition to a competitive salary of approx $(phone number removed) per annum, the company offers the following non-cash benefits:

* Accommodation in a secure environment.

* Company car fully fuelled, maintained and serviced by the company.

* Reimbursement of the cost of electricity and water consumption.

* Medical cover for self and family.

* Home leave – return economy class air tickets for self and family.

* Insurance – inclusion in the company’s injury benefit cover.

* Other benefits include home internet, post-paid telephone line and club membership.

Management Services:

* Overall management and supervision of the Company’s business and business affairs as more particularly set out in the contract off employment to be prepared and executed after successful recruitment.

* Managing all Warehouse handling, Ramp handling, Passenger handling services and operational matters of the Company and maintaining the highest standards of management in that connection or as may be laid down by the Board from time to time.

Business Administration

* Proposes organisational setup, re-organisation and implementation of an optimal warehouse operation

* Guides organisational units and optimizes interface in the overall interest of the Company.

* Develops annual business plans.

* Develops continuous business improvement processes.

* Proposes budget process and guidelines.

* Maintains overview of main financial indicators (revenue, cost situation).

HR and Personnel Management

* Has, together and in conjunction with other officers of the Company involved in the management of the Company’s human resources personnel, shared disciplinary powers to ensure implementation of personnel management policies of the Company.

* Develops HR policies in line with the Company business model and corporate culture.

* Ensures suitable recruitment processes. 

* Ensures consistent performance management, evaluations, assessments and career advancements.

* Develops training and qualification procedures, training manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

* Manages and ensures external customer satisfaction through staff training and management, including dedicated customer services to client airlines by trained, qualified and competent personnel.

* Takes responsibility for all Dangerous Goods (DGR) training and implementation.

Quality and Processes

* Identifies and sets appropriate Quality Standards and KIPs.

* Develops a Handling & Terminal SOP and manuals.

* Ensures continuous monitoring and improvement of quality.

* Ensures adherence and standards of health and safety. 

* Liaises with handled customers (airlines, forwarders etc) ensuring full customer satisfaction.

* Liaises with operational interfaces (customs authorities, security departments, ramp-handlers etc).

* Establish and maintain processes and procedures in line with ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) standards manual.

* Prepare the Company for ISAGO certification and ensure the Company is certified within one year from the start date

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