Client Relations Specialist

Company: Platin Gaming Ltd.
Job type: Full-time
Industry: Engineering

As a Client Relations Specialist at Platin Gaming, you will be the primary point of contact for
our clients, playing a crucial role in the success of our partnerships. Your responsibilities will
● Providing immediate responses to client queries
● Opening new client accounts and guiding clients through the account opening
● Ensuring accurate and timely reporting to management
● Monitoring client payments and conducting monthly calculations based on our
● Issuing invoices and managing financial transactions with clients
● Working in an on-call shift pattern to offer continuous support
● Handling work pressures efficiently while maintaining high-quality client service
Key Requirements:
● Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, in English
● Strong ability to follow up and ensure tasks are completed to a high standard
● Proven track record of working under pressure and meeting deadlines
● Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
● Experience in client-facing roles, preferably in the gaming industry or related fields
● Ability to work flexibly, including on-call shifts to provide round-the-clock client
What We Offer:
● A dynamic and challenging work environment with opportunities for growth
● Competitive salary and benefits package
● A supportive team and management dedicated to your professional development
● Remote work options to offer flexibility and comfort

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